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Do you need a home renovation loan but do not have the necessary liquidity right now?

Simple, request a free quote now and compare the advantages of the 4Credit personal loan. Regardless of the renovation, you can request a personal loan from us:

  • For amounts up to € 30,000.00.
  • With an amortization plan that allows you to repay the installments for up to 120 months.
  • Possibility to choose a low rate that is right for you.

The Reasons Why Choose 4Credit for your Restructuring Loan

With 4Credit you can request your home and debt renovation loan in a simple way, we will develop a free quote tailored to you, and we will agree together with the amount and duration of the contract.

If you are not yet convinced about applying for a new loan because you have other personal loans in progress, discover the advantages of the debt consolidation loan.

With this solution you can combine all your installments in a single solution, increase the duration of your amortization plan and reduce your monthly commitments by up to 40%.

Therefore, in addition to reducing the monthly amount to be repaid, you will be able to obtain the new liquidity to start the home renovation work.

How to Get a Renovation Loan

Are you the owner of a property and do you need to renovate it? Do you live in a multi-apartment building and need a condominium renovation loan?

You probably don’t even know if it will take 5,000,10,000, 20,000, or 30,000 euros to renovate.

Whatever your case is, it is important that it is clear to you how being able to obtain financing to meet your needs is possible.

Obtaining credit for works aimed at the ordinary or extraordinary maintenance of a property is not difficult, it will be enough to make a specific request to the bank or to the financial companies, which as you can read below will verify the existence of some requirements and your economic capacity.

The sure thing is that you will want to get the best loan with all the possible facilities, which is why you can rely on 4Credit.

Home renovation loan

You own a home and it is your first home for you, you realize that it is time to do some renovations.

The reasons why you need financing for your first or second home can be different:

  • More efficient systems
  • Fixtures that allow you to save energy
  • Anti-theft and anti-intrusion systems
  • Or maybe you just want to make your home cozy for you or your kids.

Whatever your case, the fact remains that you need money to complete your projects or needs.

In the event that the one you intend to renovate is your first home, you have the possibility to request the facilities provided for by the legislation, such as a better interest rate, but know that the guarantees required will be greater and the delivery times longer.

Whether we are talking about a first home or second home renovation loan, the options available to you are varied.

The financial products available to you are different, with us at 4Credit you can enter into a contract with an amount and duration suitable for you.

What are you waiting for? Fill out the request form, we will contact you free of charge for a no-obligation quote.

Business restructuring loan

You are an entrepreneur and you need a loan to renovate the place or maybe you bought a building but you need to renovate it to start your business in the best possible way.

In these cases, it is possible to ask the banks or your financial institution for restructuring loans and in certain cases, the mortgage restructuring might be better.

These types of contracts fall into the category of corporate loans and based on the geographical area in which you are located and the type of business you will be able to obtain subsidized loans.

However, there remains the possibility of accessing credit through the classic loan where guarantees and supporting figures such as a guarantor may also be requested.

We at 4Credit do not provide self-employed loans, but if you have any questions we are ready to put our experience at your disposal leave a comment.

Restructuring Loan Requirements

If you are thinking of applying for a restructuring loan, you must know that there are not many specific requirements to be met.

The checks that the lender will normally carry out concern:

  • Your creditworthiness
  • Your economic capacity, the installment/income ratio
  • Risk policy assessments: the bank will also assess the insolvency risk that your case has and whether based on statistical data your request can be accepted.

If the outcome of these three exams is positive, you are close to delivery, in the event that one of the three parameters is not respected your request will almost certainly be rejected.

In this case, do not despair, there are other credit possibilities, leave a comment and tell us your situation, one of our operators will be ready to answer you and evaluate which solution is right for you.

Loan Restructuring Deduction

At some point, the need to carry out ordinary or extraordinary maintenance work or restoration and rehabilitation of your property may arise and to do so you certainly need liquidity.

If this is your case and we are talking about your main home, you can get a subsidized loan for your first home renovation.

This loan provides for a tax deduction for personal income tax purposes of 19% of the following charges:

  • Passive interests
  • Accessory charges

Remember if on the one hand, the restructuring loan gives you advantages, on the other hand, it is likely that before obtaining it, the procedure to be followed will require more time and a series of guarantees.

Loan for House Restructuring Documents

When you apply for home renovation financing, be prepared for the long list of documents to submit.

First of all, they will ask you for tax documents :

  • Identity card
  • Tax ID code
  • Status of Family and Residence
  • If you are married you need a marriage certificate and if you are separated you will have to file a separation sentence.

You will also be asked for documents certifying your income:

  • Last two / three paychecks
  • The 730 or Single Model

Furthermore, since these are works to be done on a property, you will be required:

  • Copy of the deed of the provenance of the house
  • The cadastral plan
  • The cadastral survey
  • The metric calculation of the renovation works is signed by the various parties.

Seen this way, it may seem like a long list of documents, but you will certainly be able to find them easily without too much difficulty, once you have everything you are ready to present your case at the bank.

Loan for Debt Restructuring

Debt restructuring is the right choice if you are in serious difficulty in paying all your monthly installments, possibly risking not succeeding.

What to do?

Restructuring your debts in a single loan with a single more sustainable installment could be the solution for you.

The debt consolidation loan would give you the opportunity to merge all your monthly installments into a single loan, closing all the commitments you have to find yourself with a single monthly deadline.

Non-Owned House Renovation Loan

What about the non-owned home renovation loan, if you are considering this type of contract do it carefully.

Usually, these types of credits are requested by young people who reside in the house in the name of their parents, in these situations the loan can be signed with a simple condition: “the parents who own the property must be registered as third-party mortgage lenders”.

But what about the tax deductions in this case?

To answer this question we must remember that the renovation costs can be deducted in the tax return only if you are the owner of the property.

So the deductions for building renovations are one of the best tools to transform a necessary expense into an advantage, but it will be necessary to study how to start the practice in order not to lose them.

Online Home Renovation Loan

Applying for a restructuring loan online is easy! Fill out the application form with all the required data. In a few moments, you will be contacted by one of our consultants who will show you the countless advantages of the personal loan dedicated to those who intend to renovate the house.

We evaluate your request even if reported in credit databases (Crif, Experian, or CTC) for late payment. This possibility is aimed exclusively at employees hired for an indefinite period or retired. There is no more time to waste! Fill out the form on our website and immediately discover the convenience of a personal loan for home renovation.