12 Useful Gift Suggestions of Board Exam Students 

Board exams are around the corner. If you have a cousin, niece, or nephew working hard in their final school years, stand by them to help them out. Education is stressful and board exams, in particular, could be immensely draining for kids. This is the time when they look for guidance more than ever. Encourage them with useful food and luck gifts. Here are a few awesome gift suggestions that will suboardingcheer up any boarding student and help them work harder towards achieving their goal. 

You can do it with personalized chocolate cake

Inspiration comes from people who choose to believe in us. Young students are often put under a lot of academic pressure. What they need are their close ones to cut them some slack and inspire them to overcome every huddle. A custom-made can-do-it chocolate cake from a reputed online bakery in Bangalore could be your go-to gift. 

‘Shhh board exam ahead’ coffee mug

A beautiful ceramic coffee mug is the need of every student. Full proof exam preparations take long hours. Coffee is the life-saver preventing them from lethargy or dozing off in front of opened worksheets. A fun quote like ‘Shh board exam ahead’ is a perfect gift for hard-working students. 

Personalized school supplies

Giving something useful is the best way to encourage students. Personalized school supplies like notebooks, pens, pencils, sharpeners, geometry kits, etc will motivate the student to do well in their study. After all, kids love owning stuff that has a personal touch and customized stationery is the coolest gift ever. 

An alarm clock 

The early morning routine is important as it is believed that it is the best time to put something forever in your head. For students who have to get up early to prepare for their lessons, an alarm clock might be an extremely useful gift. 

Mediating mat

Studying 24*7 could be a lot to take in. An equal amount of desire is essential for wholesome preparation. A meditating mat is a nice gift to encourage the teen to take some time off to meditate and increase focus in life.

Ultimate online guide app subscription 

The field of education has expanded far and wide.  Today no student has to rely just on books or scheduled classes for education. They have the internet to discover anything anytime. An online guide app subscription is the ultimate gift for the student, with its 24*7 access, insightful library and frequent doubt clearing sessions will make sure the teen could outdo traditional preparation and give extra efforts to excel in academics. 

A cube table light

A cube table light will make sure the student could do/her lessons in peace at night without straining their eyesight. 

Smart projector 

Certain innovations have made education fun and easier.  A smart projector will allow the student to have a live experience of a smart class which in turn helps them with a clear understanding of the syllabus of different subjects. 

Customized highlighter & sticky notes set 

A customized highlighter and sticky note set is the best gift for any student. Highlighting and marking important pages are key to better remembering. 

Break time munchies hamper 

Healthy eating habits especially during the crucial board year are as important as rejuvenating breaks. A healthy break time munchie gift hamper will make sure they never skip eating healthy. Just like online cake delivery in Noida, easy whole delivery of the gift hamper is a nice way to surprise the kid. 

Fun socks 

A pair of fuzzy doodled socks will make sure they are warm and comfortable while burning the midnight oil and preparing for one of the vital exams of their life. 

Motivation quote room poster 

Encouraging room posters could be helpful in constantly reminding the student of their worth. A fancy pop art poster with enthusiastic lines on it is way better than a tedious lecture about the importance of exams.